Dogg Academy 2023 | Shred Skatepark

With competition season finally back on the cards, the Dogg crew headed up to bonnie Scotland to hold the very first Dogg Academy of 2023. This competition was to go down at the awesome Shred skatepark in Ayr, which would see a host of avid AM riders compete for their chance to earn a place on the Dogg Academy team!

After one absolute mission of a drive, we finally made it to the park, but you can rest assured that it was well worth the trek! Shred skatepark is a wooden, indoor skatepark that boasts a wide variety of ramps and rails, featuring a flowy box section, spine mini, street section and a bowl with a lovely central volcano, giving the park a real nice flow and lending itself to competition riding!

It didn’t take us very long to set up once we had arrived, and it took even less time for the days riders to show themselves. People started to pour in, signing in at the registration desk and getting themselves prepared to throw down in the competition. Roughly an hour after the doors first opened, it was time to begin…

Events kicked off with the junior riders. These younger shredders were 12 & under, with the youngest competitor of the day coming in at just 6 years old, not that that stopped anyone from stepping up to the plate! With Scottish legend Nathan Scullion on the mic, the riders threw down in a jam format, with 5 riders on the course at the same, looking to wow the judges with their tricks and skills. After several jam bouts, the top 5 riders progressed through to the final round, where each of them would perform a 45 second, solo run in the park to cement themselves as the very best. After a series of awesome performances from the riders, three took their spots on the podium, congratulations to the following riders for placing:

1st – Lleyton Crawford

2nd – Jacob McWhinney

3rd – Adam McGuinley

With the junior riders all finished up, it was time for the Seniors to get involved, and boy did they. Much to our disbelief, a lot of the older riders had travelled up from below the border to attend the event, and they were determined to get those coveted podium places. A plethora of high level tricks were giving the judges a tough time in deciding scores, with a few highlights being Tom Large’s super technical rail tricks, Jacob Venning’s combos and David ‘Wadderz’ Wadlow’s backflip over the banked hip which, in combination with his other tricks, secured him the first place podium position and a spot on the Dogg Scooters Academy team. Check out the podium below:

1st – David ‘Wadderz’ Wadlow

2nd – Tom Large

3rd – Jacob Venning

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who turned out for the event and made it a truly killer day. Congratulations to the riders who placed, and a big welcome to David who joins the Dogg Scooters Academy team!

Our next stop couldn’t be any further from Scotland and Shred Skatepark, with Mount Hawke Skatepark in Cornwall playing host to our next event. See you there!