Dogg Scooters has been in the stunt scooter market since 2009. Trust us, we know our way around a scooter.

Over a decade of experience

If you have any questions about what scooter to purchase or what scooter is most suitable for you or the person you're buying the scooter for - with brands like District, Dominator, Fuzion, Blunt and Ethic - look no further than our buying guide. 


What to consider when looking to purchase

Size: When looking for the size of the scooter, refer to our Sizing Guide.

Cost: We have complete scooters ranging from £50 to £250 with custom builds reaching the high hundreds. There will certainly be a suitable scooter with in the price range. If you have a specific price range in mind, you will be able to filter by that in our handy filters section in the complete scooter category.

Skill Level: When considering skill level, most scooters are generally suitable for beginners, however, when you start improving to the intermediate / expert levels of scooter riding, you may want something more specific from your scooter. This could be a lighter set up or a specific sized set up. This is where you will want to look into the higher end complete scooters or even a custom built scooter!

Weight: Generally with the weight of the scooter, park riding usually demands a lighter set up rather than a heavier set up, where as for the street style of riding, riders usually opt for the heavier, more robust scooter parts. As a brief guide, a scooter lighter than 3.5kg would be considered as light whereas when it is over to 4kg, that is when the weight starts making a difference in the tricks and it may limit the rider. For a beginner, you will want to go for an average weight, between 3.4-3.9kg, unless you specifically want a heavier or a lighter set up!

Weight Capacity: Usually stunt scooters can hold up too 100kg. However, smaller scooters such as the Dominator Scout / Cadet, which are made specifically for children, will not hold this much. This will be stated.

Upgrading Parts: Something to consider when buying a scooter is the ease of upgrade. This is because, if the scooter is not compatible with many other products, instead of just being able to purchase a taller bar, you may need to purchase a lot of upgraded parts or even a full new scooter. IHC / HIC / SCS compression is always super easy to upgrade.

If you have anymore questions or advice on what scooter is good for you, feel free to give us a call on 01803 659769 and one of our team will help you find the scooter for you!

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