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Scooter Maintenance

Just like anything, scooters need regular maintenance. Especially when you get into higher end scooter models. 

Unfortunately it is not the case that the more you spend, the longer your scooter will last. If anything, more expensive and technical scooters will often need even more regular maintenance than a scooter that cost one tenth of the cost! This is because they are more complex products with more components working in tandem. You could compare this to a normal road car vs a race car.

Rules of Maintenance

It goes without saying, the better the scooter is treated, the less maintenance you will have to perform on it.

For instance, if the scooter is only used when it is dry on a solid surface and kept inside overnight, the bearings and bolts will hold up for a longer period of time without needing to be replaced.

If the scooter is being used in the rain or on soft ground, such as grass or sand, and being left outside overnight, your bearings will cease and pop and your nuts and bolts will rust. This means, you will not only need to perform more regular maintenance on your scooter but it will also be harder to do when dealing with rusty bolts.

Maintenance Items

1. Headset Headset bearings x2

Your headset is the part of your scooter that makes it possible for the bars and the deck to spin around. Sometimes the bearings can get too dry or wet causing a build up of dirt which results in them popping. This will create a creak or a click when turning the bars. This is very common and means that you have to swap out your bearings. This item is generally not covered under warranty but you can purchase a new set of fresh bearings here!

Tilt Better Bearing and Spacer Set - Red2. Wheel bearings

Wheel bearings have a similar fate as headset bearings, the same happens where they either become too dry or have a build up of dirt. Again, be prepared to replace these.

3. Compression

Your compression bolt is the most common bolt to come un-done. Whether you are running HIC, SCS, IHC or ICS, there is only 1 compression bolt which usually has a size 5 or size 6 Allen key head on it.

With HIC, SCS or IHC compression, you will access this bolt by removing the handle bars. With ICS, you will reach this bolt by removing the front wheel and getting at it from the bottom of the forks.

4. General

District Titan Complete Scooter - Powder Blue / BlackKeeping your scooter fresh in general is always nice, particularly on those more perishable parts. This means replacing your grips, wheels, griptape etc... if they become worn down or slightly damaged from being ridden! 

Making sure your nuts and bolts are tight is also necessary to get the most out of your scooter. 9/10 times, if your scooter has a rattle it will be down to the wheels, compression or clamp being loose. If you've checked all of these parts but still haven't solved the issue, you can locate the rattle by drop testing the scooter and listening closely.

As always if you are struggling with scooter maintenance, feel free to give us a call on 01803 659769 or email us some pictures / videos to of the issue and we can usually suggest a solution to your problem!