Dogg Academy 2023 | Deeside Skatepark

Along with great weather, this weekend just gone also brought our Deeside Academy event in North Wales! And what a weekend it was. 

Starting off at 12pm, it was the classic, practice and sign up for 1 hour before the Under 13's hit the park. This was a smaller group than the overs but it did not miss on talent. There were some incredible runs here and and some could have even held their own against the older guys. 

One rider that stood out was Fred Berry who stomped some hammers in his run but unfortunately slipped out on a few tricks which affected his overall score. But wow, if it was consistent all the way through that would have been one hell of a run.

Our top 3 for the U13's were as follows:

1st - Jared Bradon

2nd - AJ Gregory

3rd - Max Dodd

Then came the overs and the heat picked up. So many incredible runs with huge bangers landed. In the best trick we were seeing front flip inwards, insane bri combos and double backflips. 

Dillion Gorman even landed a front flip heel rewind in his run... IN HIS RUN. 

There could only be 3 riders that took to the podiums and they are as follows:

1st - Pharrell Lobe

2nd - Bradley Hughs

3rd - Dillion Gorman

Pharrell Lobe became the latest edition to our Academy team. A great addition if I may say so. So much talent and with so much potential, especially in comps, we're looking forward to seeing how he progresses!

Thank you once again to everyone that came and competed. A special shoutout to Blunt for sponsoring the day and a massive thank you to Deeside Skatepark for hosting.

Next is LS-Ten skatepark on the 29th of July - we're having a little break over summer as it'd be almost TOO hot to compete inside.

We hope to see you in Leeds next month and good luck to those considering competing!