Like you, we also can't believe we're already into May. We're here for it though, the sun is peaking through and blessing outdoor parks around the UK.

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We are Dogg

Dogg is a rally cry for the bold and the fearless. Infused with raw street-smarts and aspirational lifestyle, our identity is by bringing the underground to the forefront. We're crafting a culture, not just capturing moments, giving life to the scooter. This is more than a product; it's a movement, where the scooter isn't just a tool but a badge of honour for those shaping the sport.

We’re a beacon for those who dare to lead and not just follow. We arm every rider, whether a novice finding their balance or a seasoned pro executing jaw-dropping tricks, with kit that promises excellence and an experience that fuels the drive to dominate globally.

Lead The Pack is our ethos, embedded in the very metal of our scooters, in every turn of the wheel, and in the heart of the rider community we're proud to empower.

From advising young enthusiasts to reassuring parents, we balance swagger with safety and style with substance. Joining Dogg means embracing a legacy that transcends the ride — it's about being part of a story that's still being written, where every rider's individuality is the ink, and their audacity to leap, turn, and accelerate is what turns the pages.

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