Staying Safe at the Skatepark

It’s an overlooked subject but it has to be looked over, especially for newer riders approaching the skatepark for the first time.

Staying safe at the skatepark is the most important thing that you can do there and it doesn’t stop at wearing the necessary protection… it also goes into learning the direction of the skatepark, staying out of the way, knowing where and where not to stand. In this article we will go through this and make sure that when you’re going into the skatepark you can be as safe as possible.

First comes the protection

Luckily we have an extensive range of protection products that you can use to protect yourself in the skatepark. Now, falling off is always going to hurt somewhat but wearing a helmet and knee pads will usually save you from having to end the session early. Elbow pads, bum pads and gum shields are also great at protection you and if you feel more confident while wearing these pads then by all means, wrap up!

The direction of the skatepark

This goes hand in hand with keeping out of the way of other riders. Knowing the direction of the skatepark will help you in not getting smashed into by another rider! Before you drop in, take a look at the direction that the other riders in the park are riding, for instance, if they are jumping over a box in the middle of the park, don’t ride horizontally to the box as you’re likely to get someone blasting down straight into you!

Keeping out of the way

Knowing the direction is one part but just generally not dropping in or riding the park when someone is in the middle of a line is also important, it’s quite simple, just wait for your turn to drop in, and if you feel like this isn’t coming, there is a lot of friendly people at the skatepark that you can ask if you can go next!

Where to go when not riding

We’ve all been to the park and seen the people hanging their wheel over the top of the ramp with no intention of dropping in… Don’t be that person! If you’re not riding or having a break, avoid standing directly over the top of the ramp, or god forbid sit on the grind box… Take a pew at the side of the park, or at least move away from the top of the ramp! There are usually dedicated seating area’s at the skatepark and you’ll be able to see these by where other people are chilling.

Hopefully this will help you when hitting the park and keeping yourself and everyone around you happy! After all, we’re all at the park to have a good time and don’t want to be worried about crashing into people, or hurting ourselves.

Enjoy the parks out there!!