Dogg Academy #2 - Ramps!

The second Dogg Academy at Ramps skatepark was again a blast! A slightly smaller crowd than the Mount Hawke event, although being a smaller park it still felt like a nice full comp!

Comp wise, this was run slightly different to Mount Hawke. Due to the smaller number we had the time to do single runs which really gave to competitors their time to shine. Standing out from the Runs we had Harrison Jones, Rhys Antoni and Jacob Parry, super sick runs from these guys. 

At the end of the day, there had to be one and the guy taking the cake today was Blake Davies. Blake showed some major talent in his single runs, boooosting the boxes and jumping gaps that no one would even look at!

Best trick went off with Rhys and Harrison battling it out for the top spot. It was super close between these guys but Rhys took it by consistently landing hammers on the half pipe and on the box. Some tricks that he stomped included a nothing front scooter flip, crazy overhead tricks on the halfy and a huge 5050 drop from the top ledge.

All in all it was a great day meeting everyone and STOKED to have Blake on our Academy team!

Thank you to everyone who came and took part in the event and a massive thank you to Ramps skatepark for hosting the event!

On to the next at ASYLUM SKATEPARK!!