Dogg Academy #4 - Deeside!

Deeside was a great day which consisted of such a high level of riding. There really was some super talented people that competed in this academy.

As it always goes, we started off the day at 12 with practice and sign up. Already throughout practice myself and the judges could tell this was going to be a close comp.

The youngens took off in their jam after a couple hours of practice. This must have been one of the hardest comps to judge from the year because all of the guys throughout the ages were just too good. There could of course only be three on the podium and those guys were...

1st - Adam Farrell🥇

2nd - Bartek Logonz

3rd - Aaron Ashton

Such impressive riding by these guys and you can catch their runs on their Instagrams.

The older guys kicked off swiftly after and we could not believe what we were seeing. The standard of the runs coming from all the riders in the amateur comp was impeccable, we could have quite easily been watching a major comp with pro riders.

The judges all agreed that this was one of the hardest ones to judge because all of the runs were brilliant in their own way. The winner stomped every trick in his second run and the winning factor was the use of the park and the variation of tricks.

Here are the standings:

1st and winner of the sponsorship! - Jamie Harris🥇

2nd - Tobey Ryan

3rd - Andrew Lawson

All of the guys requested that the best trick comp was done on the resi ramp so they could truly throw down their hardest tricks and that is certainly what happened. 10 minutes of pure hammers from so many riders. Such a great thing to see the crowd irrupt when someone lands their best trick mid comp.

By the end, like the comp, it was hard to choose the best trick because of the variation but the trick that we had to choose was done by Dillon Gorman and it was a flair down rotor whip... to this day I do not know how he kept it together on this one.

Congratulations to everyone that came to this event, we're stoked to see all the appreciation from you guys regarding the event and we're happy you all enjoyed it.

Thank you again to Deeside Skatepark for hosting this one and onto the next at Unit 23!