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Aztek Ermine XL Wheels - Ruby (Pair)

Aztek Ermine XL Wheels - Ruby - Pair

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Aztek Ermine XL Wheels

We truly believe we have created one of the most beautiful wheels with our new Ermine wheel. This wheel utilises a 2-piece forced core, which allows for many more spokes to be formed without the need for expensively machining each individual spoke. A high number of smaller, thinner spokes gives this wheel a higher strength-to-weight ration that most wheels. A two-toned machined core gives it a premium look and feel. Low-profile, high rebound urethane give it a bouncy, tight responsiveness that all riders love. We also make this wheel in our new 115mm x 30mm size, which is becoming popular very rapidly.

  • 2-Piece Forged Core
  • Two-Toned Machined Finish
  • Low-Profile, High-Rebound Urethane
  • 115mm x 300mm - 245g
  • Sold as a pair